The folklore ensemble VONIČKA .....
The folklore ensemble VONIČKA was founded in September 1995 at the primary school Čestlice (Prague – East) and works under the patronage of the Municipal Office of Čestlice.

VONIČKA specializes mainly in Wallachian (north Moravia) folklore dances, as well as in dances from other regions – south Moravia, Slovakia and Bohemia. The programme covers typical children’s games, traditional folkways, dances performing traditional crafts and indeed folk songs and dances.
The length of dance performance is customized to the requirements of organizers and festivals. Dancers and musicians wear folk costumes during performances and they use different requisites – rakes, barrows and hoes. A typical wallachian boys‘ dance is „odzemek“, in which boys use hatchets and clubs.
Musicians are adults, the dancers are divided into three age groups, which can mingle during performances:
vonicka/aj the youngest group – preschool children,
vonicka/aj middle group – school children,
vonicka/aj oldest group (selective) – dancers of teenage age to adults.

VONIČKA performs on folklore festivals, competitions and fetes not only in the Czech Republic but it has performed abroad too – in Greece, Serbia, Croatia, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Denmark and Macedonia.

The ensemble is accompanied by dulcimer music band TRNKA ( Its organizational leader is Petr Molčan and its artistic leader („primáš“) is Martin Molčan.